Dashboard's a Funny Name (Instrumental Panel Warning Lights)

June 27, 2021

Every day you drive, you're sitting behind the dashboard. But how in the world did it get that name? Back in the days of the horse-drawn carriage, horses would kick up dirt and mud on the driver and passengers, "dashing" debris against the carriage. So those who built carriages began installing a... More

The Byte Stuff (Your Vehicle's Computers)

June 20, 2021

Nobody has to tell you that computers are a part of so many things in our lives. Smartphones, kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners, televisions. You name itit has a computer in it. And your vehicle is no exception. The earliest cars relied on the technology of their time, and there was no such ... More

Using Proper Fluids in Your vehicle

June 13, 2021

Today, Tuffy Elyria (Cleveland St) is writing about the proper fluids for your vehicle. It's become more complicated with changes in automotive design and manufacturing. It's not that people in Elyria are confused as much as they don't realize how much things have changed in recent years. If you... More

I Can See Clearly Now: Wiper Blade Replacement in Elyria

June 6, 2021

About 90% of our driving decisions in the Elyria area are based solely on what we see. So having a good pair of windshield wipers is extremely important.Most Elyria drivers have experienced the frustration and fear of not being able to see clearly during a storm, or when our vehicle windshield is... More

Maintaining Your Older Car in Elyria, Ohio

June 6, 2021

The government mandates a lot of equipment on cars in Elyria, Ohio: emission devices and control computers, safety equipment like airbags and crash worthiness requirements. All of this is great for the Elyria motoring public, but it does add quite a bit to the price of a new vehicle.Because new v... More

Gas Savings in Elyria: Sharpen Your Pencil

June 5, 2021

High gas prices in Elyria increase the cost of living for Ohio drivers. You've probably budgeted a certain amount for vehicle related expenses. Increased fuel costs now consume a larger portion of our incomes, causing some Elyria vehicle owners to skimp in other areas like scheduled maintenance... More

Braking News: Keep Your Stopping Power

June 4, 2021

Richard Petty once told AutoNetTV, You've gotta have good brakes. If you've got good brakes you can keep yourself out of a lotta trouble.That's why a regular brake inspection is on every Elyria driver's maintenance schedule. An inspection by your service advisor at Tuffy Elyria (Cleveland St) wi... More

Arrive Alive in Elyria

June 3, 2021

We've all seen drivers do crazy things while driving to or from Elyria. A guy shaving in the rear-view mirror, a woman applying makeup, people talking on their phones, texting or drinking from an enormous coffee mug. It's a wonder we even dare drive on Ohio roads.The truth is that all of us are ... More

Fall and Spring Inspection at Tuffy Elyria (Cleveland St)

June 2, 2021

Good vehicle care for us Elyria residents has always meant taking our vehicles in every spring and fall for a check-up. Vehicles needed routine maintenance to prepare them for the changes in weather. Today's vehicles aren't quite as sensitive to seasonal changes. Older vehicles required different... More

Tracking True in Elyria: Wheel Alignment

June 1, 2021

At Tuffy Elyria (Cleveland St), we occasionally see severe tire damage that could have been prevented with proper wheel alignment. During a Tuffy Elyria (Cleveland St) alignment service, your vehicle is put on an alignment rack where the tires, steering and suspension parts are inspected for pro... More